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 Infos Interessantes venant d'Allemagne

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MessageSujet: Infos Interessantes venant d'Allemagne   06.06.08 18:20

Bjr à tous j'ai discuté avec un Allemand qui m'envoie quelques question et info concernant les 2 collections
ceux qui comprennent l'Anglais vous comprendrez tout, pour les autres testé les traducteur ou mais les phrases change selon le traducteur lol.

A moin que notre ami Anglophone "Rincevent" ai le courage de faire ce dont je n'ai pas le courage moi même...

Voici ses mails:

I'm sorry but my French is good enough to handle your site but not as good to contact you in French.
I'm German and I want to tell you, that I really love your extremely detailed site. It's always up to date an shows detailed information and pictures of the collector's models and makes me able to compare them to the chess models (I do not own them). The coparison of the Aragorn on Brégo figure with Gandalf on Shadowfax has really been a great help for me.
Just as well the detailed pictures of the armoured troll figure which will be released soon in Germany. Until now only 6 of the chess model have been released in Germany, then they stopped the collection, so we are not able to get the chess special editions for the regular price.
Now I want to ask if you know how many models are announced in France. In Germany 141 are confirmed.
Are you sure, that the collection continues after Gwaihir with the dwarf lord and following. The official information at the english site has been removed shortly after it has shown up.
Many thanks for your help



Hello David,
I've got the information from the German publisher that there are planned 141 items at the moment. But I think there will be even more. I don't know if that is true for France, too.
In a German forum a rumor exists, that France will have 200 items. That's the reason I wanted to ask you. Obviously even the information of 141 models is new for you. :-) It seems that we all need to have some more patience... :-)
A very strange thing is, that a member of our forum called the British publisher a few days ago and they confirmed that there will be 120 items in Britain.
Did I understand right, that you are only a private fan-site? Isn't there an official French site for the models? I was only able to find a very outdated one.
At the moment Shelob has just arrived the subscribers, ao we are as far as you are.
And yes, the Chess models stopped in Germany at item 6. I've not been a subscriber of the chess collection but I know, that they have the chess board too. After item 6 the publisher stopped the collection for the reason, that there were not enough interested people.

If you have any further questions please ask. I think noone in Germany knows more than our forum except the publisher of course. :-)
Some weeks ago I wrote an email to the German publisher with many questions, especially if there will be a fountain guard (the guard of Minas Tirith with a Spear and a winged helm) but I don't have an answer yet. Maybe it's all top secret :-)


P.S.: Your mail in English and French helped me understand everything, but I think it woul not be useful for you that I write in German, too.
My problem in French is that I can understand some but forgot nearly all needing to construct a sentence. :-)
I hope you can understand most of what I'm writing.


Hello David,
using google translation is not the best way to understnad a text, but it seems you have no other possiblity.
Now a very short overview:
Jeu d'échecs: seulement 5 figurines sont publié et l'échiquier. (01.Aragorn, 02. Gothmog, 03. Gandalf, 04.Barad-Dûr, 05.Legolas)
Figurines de Collection: la dernière figure chez nous est Arachne, comme chez vous.

Sorry, but I have to turn back to English it's too difficult for me in French.
Our publisher didn't inform us as well. I got the information via email after asking for it, so I don't have a scan of an official flyer. I don't even know if France will have 141 items as well.
The 200 models for France are only a rumor. I don't know if there is more truth behind that, but I may ask the one who wrote it.
So it seems like noone really knows much about the further items. We simply need patience :-)
For an amateur site it's quite good (you have at lest one fan in Germany :-)) The detailed fotos of the models. They are more detailed than the official website. By the way your second link is the outdated one I meant. There's no information about the list of models.
Of course you can share these mails and information with other collectors on your site.



me again :-).
I found the information.
He bought the new chess model in france and asked the seller about the number confirmed in France. She said that they don't really know but that she has the sure information of at least 200 items. Don't know how and from whom she knows but she seems to be sure :-)
She also said that in France collecting is very popular and a collection will stop only if there are no more interested people :-)
So it may take a long time till you (we all) come to an end.



Voila il répond à certaine de mes questions dans les 3 autres mails qui suppose que les modèles sont loin d'etre fini...
Bonne lecture à vous Wink et merci à lui.
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MessageSujet: Re: Infos Interessantes venant d'Allemagne   06.06.08 18:53

Merci pour les infos CK
demain je vois pour les traductions Wink
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Infos Interessantes venant d'Allemagne
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